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The business landscape is changing. Long term strategy plans can seem as a waste of time as the world is changing quicker than in the past. Disruption is part of most business leaders’ reality. They know they need to adapt and implement changes to keep momentum in the market.

Any change in a business will affect the performance of the people and potentially lead to loss of revenue/customers if not managed and integrated in the employees’ jobs and the business culture. The big question is HOW. According to McKinsey '340 answers' - 35% of failure in implementing new strategy is due lack of motivation and readiness in the organisation and 40% due to a lack of required competencies.

An agile leadership style is key in driving the changes, challenges and the ambitions of tomorrow. The capabilities of managers to quickly understand and drive the changes are essential for any change to succeed.

To implement changes to keep pace and compete in today's market - LEADWITHINSIGHT offers freelance HR consultancy on all key areas above. That is change projects, assessment, leadership development (sweet spots below).



Change projects could be change in a organisation, M&A’s or changes in business strategy.

LEADWITHINSIGHT helps identify what impact the change project will have on people in regards to changes in expectations, competencies, mindset and behavior.

We will work with the business leaders and HR to build a framework of

  • Why the company needs to change
  • What do they need to start, stop, continue
  • How are they going to implement the people changes
  • Train/coach the leaders to drive change
  • How to engage the employees.


When changing strategy, reorganizing or merging two companies setting the team is a huge challenge and are not to be taken lightly. Still many managers/leaders are promoted or moved into roles in which they might not succeed. Some are promoted based on their 'specialist performance'. Others based on a sense of 'they have earned it'. In Good to Great, Jim Collins is talking about 'getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats'. People that can lead the change, have the behaviors needed and attitude to succeed. LEADWITHINSIGHT can be a support to:

  • Be clear on what behaviors and leadership capabilities that are needed for the future
  • Objectively assess people so decisions are based on assessment tools and feedback conversations
  • Get management to make conscious choices when building a team or appointing leaders.
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LEADWITHINSIGHT offers a range of seervices to companies regarding leadership development. As noted on the CHANGE PROJECTS and ASSESSMENT topics the leaders play a significant role in driving change and ensuring that the people continue performing through change. Furthermore, highly skilled leaders are crucial in retaining and developing people and business. LEADWITHINSIGHT offers a strong partnership as coach and consultant when companies want to:

  • Upskill leaders to drive change
  • Develop directors & line managers by creating development plans and coaching
  • Coaching of leaders that drive change.



LEADWITHINSIGHT is founded by me, Lotte Mattebjerg with the PURPOSE of

Accelerate business performance by providing insight to leaders on how to retain and develop passionate employees. By ...

  • Ensure that leaders and employees are aligned, engaged and comfortable with upcoming changes
  • Enlighten, engage and develop leaders to be authentic and insightful leaders that can lead people and teams through change with a high level of employee engagement
  • Develop people and business through meaningful and on-going coaching conversations.

I have 16 years experience within HR. +5 years from a large engeneering and solution selling company and +4 years experience from one of the worlds leading broadcasting companies.

I have a diploma in HRM and is a certified NLP Master Practitioner specialized in coaching. Read more about me here.. https://dk.linkedin.com/in/lotte-mattebjerg-6426941


  • Authenticity - by understanding myself I can be authentic in my interaction with others
  • Trust - by having positive intent in all what I do trust comes naturally
  • Challenge - by been strong in building trust with others I can challenge choices, decisions and behaviors
  • Have Fun - a smile and a good laugh bring people together - and we live longer :-)